Quadratura Snare


The versatility of our snare drums is evident at the moment you lay your eyes on them. All of this is possible thanks to the Quadratura System, a practical technique that lends an original shape, unique sound and easy tuning system to your drums. All of our snare drums are handcrafted with care and passion.

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  Quadratura Snare Measures




Quadratura System snare model SWM 14″ x 5,5″

Quadratura System snare model SWXL 14″ x 8″

TestaQuadra drums reserves the right to modify certain details of the products shown in the photos.




Innovative wood coupling system made up of 90 ° angles.

Beech Birch poplar mix with progressive thickness from 5 to 8 mm assembled with the Quadratura System technique.




TestaQuadra Hardware 


TestaQuadra has also designed and produced parts of mechanical components in Italy.




TestaQuadra gig bags


TestaQuadra gig bags are robust, practical and unmistakable.